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My birthday is more than a week ago and I'm looking at a wonderful pile of lovely birthday wishes, cards and pressies.
Thank you all for a memorable day! *hugs*

A special thanks to:

[ profile] stealingpennies for Fairy Tales (Stephen/Ryan)

[ profile] kristen_mara for The Bad Behaviour Out Takes (Nick/Stephen)


[ profile] deinonychus_1 for Going For It (Becker/Stephen, Abby, Lester)

[ profile] knitekat for Daily Rituals (Stephen/Lester)

[ profile] celeste9 for A Helping Hand (Stephen/Ryan, Ditzy)

[ profile] fredbassett for Lathkill Dale (Stephen/Ryan)

[ profile] cordeliadelayne for The Great British Something (Cutter/Stephen)

[ profile] clea2011 for beautiful Stephen artwork

And last but not least [ profile] reggietate for the beautiful icon (points at entry header).

I hope I didn't forget anybody. If I (unintentionally) did, give me a shout!
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Here's the second post of pictures from the London Film and Comic Con LFCC.
I had to take most pictures from a longer distance and in a hurry, so apologies for the quality.
A shame I don't have a decent picture of Karl Urban. I have his autograph, though. Squee!!!!

Pretty piccies under the cut... )

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After a visit to the Nordhorn Zoo I'm trying to post a piccie of two cute prairie dogs, because I can't manage posting one in a comment:


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It's the weekend and I finally have the time to say a proper thank you to all the lovely birthday wishes I got.

And a huge thank you for the wonderful birthday fic to:

Fic list here... )
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Wishing you all a wonderful New Year's Eve and a very happy and healthy 2012.

May all your hopes and dreams come true.

(and don't laugh at the piccie *g* It's one of my first attempts to use GIMP)

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At the last minute Ben Mansfield (Captain Hilary Becker) wasn’t able to attend the SFX Weekender2  in Camber Sands (Sussex) on February 4 , so we, a bunch of Denialists, were deprived of meeting him in the flesh. L

He is in a Shakespeare play in the National Theatre in London (“Twelfth Night”) at the moment and I decided to try to get a day ticket. It is playing in the smallest theatre (the Cottesloe) and all performances were sold out immediately. But with a bit of luck one could try to get a day ticket. And I did!!


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Like [ profile] joygoddess I feel like sending Christmas cards.

If you'd like to receive a Christmas card from the Netherlands, PM me with your name and address and watch your letter box around the holidays.  :D

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This is how Holland celebrated the fact that the Dutch football team lost the finals in the World Cup *g* : 

Link here

Of course, I have to admit they weren't brilliant in the last match and they made mistakes/violations. The Spanish team deserved to win, although the referee made mistakes too.
But nuff said: HOLLAND IS PROUD OF OUR BOYS AND THEY AND WE DESERVED A PARTY! (and we have the opportunity to ogle some cute blokes, hehe).


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Thank you all for all for giving me a wonderful birthday:

[ profile] bella_farfalla for Hard Day's Night
[ profile] bigtitch for Following Through
[ profile] cordeliadelayne for A Two-Edged Sword
[ profile] fredbassett for Don't Leave Me
[ profile] fififolle for If You Know What's Good For You and Fate and Fortune
[ profile] lukadreaming for Lucky
[ profile] madcatt82 for A Well Deserved Rest
[ profile] sunsets_dinos for Happy Birthday
[ profile] talliw for Reunited
[ profile] telperion_15 for Living Dangerously

And last but not least [ profile] mysteriousaliwz for the beautiful glitter graphics and [ profile] reggietate for the very pretty Stephen/Ryan icon.
I hope I didn't forget anyone. If so, it wasn't on purpose.


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