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This was quite the season finale! Did our most favourite mayor ever survive? (And I don't mean Amanda Rosewater *g*)
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Although we had double episodes this week, James Murray only appeared in episode 2.10. But what an episode it was!

Defiance 2.10 (SPOILERS!) )
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Potty's back!
And the plot thickens even more.
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I have to say: James Murray gets a lot of the great, angsty scenes in Defiance. Squee!

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In episode 5 we learn more about Niles Pottinger's scheming.

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OH MY! *fans self* This was a brilliant episode Pottinger wise. Excuse me for the incoherent comments, but here are some very, very yummy screen caps:

Screen caps and spoilers )
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As "promised" Defiance gets darker and darker. The focus of this episode was not on Niles Pottinger, although his scheming goes on.
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The official website for Defiance has an excellent recap of this episode, so I'm referring to it and just post some screen caps of James here. Enjoy!

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Here's a recap of James Murray's scenes in Defiance 2.01. Be prepared to be spoiled! *g*

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Screencaps of Defiance 2.01. Just some eye candy, without captions or comments. Spoilers, of course.
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Here are a couple of screen caps of episode 1 of the 16th series of Midsomer Murders: The Christmas Haunting.
James Murray plays a troubled character called Ollie Tabori. Will he be the killer, get murdered or finally be one of the characters that lives happily ever after?

Of course, if you haven't seen this episode yet, the pictures will contain spoilers.

Merry Christmas!
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For those who want to know whodunnit in the latest episode of Death in Paradise:

Ronnie obviously wasn't the victim, so...... he had to be the killer. *sigh*

He had made a deal with Doug Anderson. They're both alcoholics and met in the UK during a sort of AA meeting.
Doug killed Will's wife back in Manchester a year ago. This way Will would have his wife's inheritance and could become Ronnie's business partner.
In return Ronnie would kill Doug's wife, hoping this way the police couldn't find the connection. But of course they didn't know the police of Sainte-Marie had such an excellent DI *g*
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Here are some screen caps from episode 6 of the second series of Death in Paradise. Needless to say there are possible spoilers!

Screen caps and possible spoilers )
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I managed to make a few screencaps of James Murray in New Tricks (see also my previous post).

Disclaimer: no money made, New Tricks belongs to the BBC!

Scene1 (we meet Luke Oswald):
Momentopname 1 (9-10-2012 15-22)

Scene 2 (reading poetry):

Momentopname 2 (9-10-2012 15-36) 

Scene 3 (What happened?)
Momentopname 3 (9-10-2012 15-41) 

Scene 4 (intense look during interrogation):
Momentopname 4 (9-10-2012 15-47)

Scene 5 (at the Suffolk cottage): 

Momentopname 5(9-10-2012 15-50) 
Momentopname 5a (9-10-2012 15-53) 

Scene 6 (back in the interrogation room): 
Momentopname 6 (9-10-2012 15-55)

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Here’s a summary of episode 7 of series 9 of the series New Tricks with James Murray in a guest role, shown on BBC1 on 8 October 2012.


The UCOS team re-open the case of a talented young poet (Sean Docherty) whose burnt body was found ten years ago. They question the people closest to him, including another poet, Luke Oswald (James Murray).

I’ll describe the scenes with Luke Oswald, so it’s not a complete summary of the storyline. And sorry for any mistakes in my English *g*

BTW: the UCOS team used a photo of Luke Oswald on their notice-board. This photo is the same as the one on the website of James Murray’s agent (see icon).

Scene 1

In this  scene we see Luke Oswald signing books in the garden of his very posh house.

He wears  a dark suit, dark-rimmed glasses and a chin beard. He talks posh and he is posh, a bit of a snob.

He tells that he was Sean Docherty’s flatmate, but not at the time of his death. They were lovers. Not sexually, but in the sense of Agape (I looked this up: Agape is one of the Koine Greek words translated into English as love, one which came particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for humankind). He loved Sean’s mind and soul and “every querulous and unpredictable moment with him.” But Sean never let him see his shady side.

When OCUS mentions a Gourkan Ozil, Luke clams up and says he has to leave, his taxi is waiting.

Scene 2

This scene takes place at a reading of Luke Oswald’s poetry (in a library).

He comes in, wearing a red suit and he recites some lines.

The former tutor of Sean and Luke from university, who’s there too, tells UCOS that some of the lines are lines Sean Docherty used. Did Luke steal these? Did Luke kill Sean? The tutor also tells them she had a relationship with Sean for a short while.

(Luke’s agent later tells that Sean and Luke were very close and that poets get inspired by other poets. And she also had a relationship with Sean).

Scene 3

Another reading.  This time outside, in a tent. Luke looks rattled. His clothes are untidy.

He recites one of Sean’s poems.

He had been AWOL for a while (presumably writing). What happened?

Scene 4

UCOS interrogate Luke in an interrogation room. They want to know if he  killed Sean and stole his poetry.

He’s rather arrogant in answering their questions.

He said that he loved Sean Docherty so much, that when he died, he became a man. Before that he was just a boy and that’s why his poetry was so bad at the time.

He says he always goes to a secret place to write and that he doesn’t want to tell them where that place is.

Scene 5

UCOS found out that Sean is still alive. So the burnt body is somebody else’s. It must have been Sean who was writing the poetry, and not Luke.

Luke is AWOL again, but UCOS find him in a cottage in Suffolk. The same cottage Sean used and was used by the poet Yeats.

Luke is in the sitting room, writing. He tries to drive them away, telling them he’s alone.

But then Sean decides to show himself, together with their tutor from university, who also found out that Sean was still alive. Luke tells Sean that he will sort this out, but Sean says that it is his mess.

Scene 6

Back in the interrogation room.

Luke confesses he killed a man named Gourkan Ozil. Sean owed this man money.

Ozil had been harassing Sean, who then fled to Luke’s house. But Ozil had followed him.

When Luke came home, Ozil was in the middle of torturing Sean.

Luke punched Ozil, killing him. They made up the rest on the hoof.

UCOS  is sure Luke’s lawyers are expensive enough to dig him out of his hole.

So, once again, our tall, dark and handsome man is the killer (but thank god he wasn’t killed) *g*

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Pictures from the last episode of Krod Mandoon.
For anyone who cares: SPOILERALERT!
Disclaimer: Krod Mandoon and its characters don't belong to me; no money made.
There are some bloopers in Outtake - Gag Reel

Pictures... )

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A few piccies from episode 5 of Krod Mandoon.
Ahum, how low can you go on a show...
Disclaimer: Krod Mandoon and its characters don't belong to me; no money made.

Pictures... )

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Here are some pictures of James Murray in episode 4 of Krod Mandoon.
His appearances are at 02.10, 05.10 and 17.48 minutes.
Don't ask me what the story is about, because I really don't know. Hee.
Disclaimer: Krod Mandoon and its characters don't belong to me; no money made.
Sorry for the many LJ cuts, you only have to take one.

Pictures )Picture... )Picture... )Picture... )Picture... )Picture... )Picture... )Pictures... )
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Picture 4 )Picture 3 )Picture 2 )Picture 1 )

Here  are some pictures of James Murray in Krod Mandoon, episode 3.
His first appearance is around 0:17:20 minutes and he seems to be one of the good guys. :D
(Sorry for the various LJ cuts, you only have to take one to see all pictures).
Disclaimer: Krod Mandoon and its characters don't belong to me; no money made.


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