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Crete is a beautiful island.
My hotel was near the coast, between Chersonissos and Stalida.

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Last year's holiday to Lanzarote was wonderful, so this year I decided to visit another island of the Canary Islands: Tenerife. A large and rough island with Spain's highest mountain: Pico del Teide (3718 m) in the primeval, vulcanic landscape of Teide National Park.
I also made a day trip to the island of La Gomera.

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Here's the second post of pictures from the London Film and Comic Con LFCC.
I had to take most pictures from a longer distance and in a hurry, so apologies for the quality.
A shame I don't have a decent picture of Karl Urban. I have his autograph, though. Squee!!!!

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Bali is beautiful. A pity it's so far away (a 17 hour flight). The people are friendly, the food is delicious.
We (my sister, brother-in-law and I) were there during the wet season, so we had our share of rain, but it didn't spoil our fun (our  the fact that we all got a sun burn LOL).

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I had a wonderful holiday in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and also had the opportunity of visiting Fuerteventura (35 minutes by ferry).
The (volcanic) landscape on both islands is beautiful. Maybe Primeval didn't use these exact locations during filming of series 1 and 2, but the scenery was very primeval.
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Because I can't seem to be able to put the pictures under a cut with a proper remark about their origin, I give you the link to the Theatre Royal Bath Facebook page with pictures of Henry IV part 2. Ben Mansfield has the role of Pistol in this play:!/media/set/?set=a.10150313045251228.389714.290399681227

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I just got back from a visit  to London.
I had a fabulous Denial weekend at the Excel, meeting a few of the Primeval_Denial fangirls. It was so wonderful to meet you in RL!!! *hugs*
See for The Hound's awesome summary.

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