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Yes, Niles Pottinger is back in Defiance, in episode 4 called Dead Air. SPOILERS!

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This was quite the season finale! Did our most favourite mayor ever survive? (And I don't mean Amanda Rosewater *g*)
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Although we had double episodes this week, James Murray only appeared in episode 2.10. But what an episode it was!

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Potty's back!
And the plot thickens even more.
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I have to say: James Murray gets a lot of the great, angsty scenes in Defiance. Squee!

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In episode 5 we learn more about Niles Pottinger's scheming.

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OH MY! *fans self* This was a brilliant episode Pottinger wise. Excuse me for the incoherent comments, but here are some very, very yummy screen caps:

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As "promised" Defiance gets darker and darker. The focus of this episode was not on Niles Pottinger, although his scheming goes on.
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The official website for Defiance has an excellent recap of this episode, so I'm referring to it and just post some screen caps of James here. Enjoy!

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Here's a recap of James Murray's scenes in Defiance 2.01. Be prepared to be spoiled! *g*

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Screencaps of Defiance 2.01. Just some eye candy, without captions or comments. Spoilers, of course.
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Title: The New Mayor
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Characters: Niles Pottinger
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made. Defiance and its characters belong to Syfy
Author Notes: A speculative look at the start of season 2 of Defiance, when the town gets a new mayor: E-Rep Niles Pottinger. This drabble is for the wonderful [ profile] smokeygirl19. Happy Birthday! Hugs.

The New Mayor )


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