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Yes, Niles Pottinger is back in Defiance, in episode 4 called Dead Air. SPOILERS!

Nolan and Amanda go to Station Arrowhead, 312 miles north of Defiance, to get weapons to fight the VC (Votanic Collective).
When they get there they are captured by Biomen and in the underground station they meet.... Pottinger, who has lived there in reasonable luxury there for the past months,
looked after by Biomen called George (Rob Archer), Paul and Ringo (I didn't see John!!!)

Amanda! What a surprise!

Whilst having a meal Pottinger tells them that Viceroy Mercado had decided to go back to New York. Near Cincinnati they encountered refugees from New York and raiders
outside Detroit. Pottinger was the only one who survived. At Station Arrowhead he found the Biomen, "his angels, one of them called George" (slash!!!!)

Try the camembert!

Nolan is lead to the armory to get the weapons. In the meantime Pottinger tries to seduce Amanda with Spandau Ballet and soft lights (I would have fallen for it!).

And who wouldn't fall for those puppy dog eyes.

But who is seducing who here?

But Amanda, I'm not well. The abuse I suffered from the Votans at boarding school!

Amanda and Pottinger enter a very creepy room with "relics", a painting of Connor Lang, Amanda's boyfriend from the past and friend of Pottinger, a mask of Amanda's face and recordings.

Pottinger tells her he has been obsessed with her since New York and in between the lines you could understand that he was the one who attacked and raped Amanda in Central Park.
Amanda snaps and shoots Pottinger.... several times.

In the meantime Nolan is knocked out by the Biomen. He wakes up in a cage with another human, Samir, who is a refugee from New York.
They escape the room and the Biomen.
Then Samir tells Nolan Pottinger shouldn't die, because he has a device on him. If his heart stops beating, Station Arrowhead will explode.

But... Pottinger.... dies.... with Amanda, Nolan and Samir escaping just in time.

Special guest star: James Murray.

Another lunatic character who dies. Whaaaah!
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